National Martini Day

National Martini Day

Shaken Not Stirred!!!

Today is National Martini Day so it’s time to celebrate big but isn’t everyday a great day for a martini?

Do you prefer yours dry, dirty, shaken, or not stirred, whatever way is always great after a long day.

There are different ways to enjoy a martini, you can make at home or go out to Pilar’s Martini bar in Winter Garden at 146 W Plant St. just a quick 10 minute drive from The Addison at Windermere.

Their are only eight things you need to make a perfect martini: ice, a martini glass, a shot glass, a shaker, a strainer, vermouth, gin, and a garnish and if you don’t like gin try vodka.

Which ever way you like your martini it is always a great cocktail to enjoy so grab your shaker and enjoy, bottoms up!!!



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